Property Information

New Construction Duplex
Palm Coast, FL 32164
4BR, 4BA - City Utilities
Square Feet1,954
Purchase Price$398,900
Initial Market Value$398,900
Closing Costs$16,953
Initial Cash Invested$116,678
Income & ExpensesMonthlyAnnual
Gross Rent$2,600$31,200
Vacancy Losses$130$1,560
Operating Income$2,470$29,640
Operating Expenses$841$10,089
Net PerformanceMonthlyAnnual
Net Operating Income$1,629$19,552
- Mortgage Payments$1,407$16,882
= Cash Flow$222$2,670
+ Principal Reduction$449$5,384
+ First-Year Appreciation$1,995$23,934
= Gross Equity Income$2,666$31,987
Financial Indicators
Capitalization Rate4.9%
Cash on Cash Return2%
Total Return on Investment27%
Real Estate Appreciation Rate6%
Vacancy Rate5%
Management Fee8%
Estimated Completion is Nov- Jan 2022
Property has a permit 10% due with contract
*Information is not guaranteed and investors should do their own research, get professional advice and conduct due diligence prior to investing.