Property Information

Vaughn Single Family
Montgomery, AL 36106
3BR/2BA Townhome Home, Built in 1976
Square Feet2,332
Purchase Price$174,900
Initial Market Value$174,900
Closing Costs$8,745
Initial Cash Invested$52,470
Income & ExpensesMonthlyAnnual
Gross Rent$1,500$18,000
Vacancy Losses$120$1,440
Operating Income$1,380$16,560
Operating Expenses$392$4,708
Net PerformanceMonthlyAnnual
Net Operating Income$988$11,852
- Mortgage Payments$589$7,068
= Cash Flow$399$4,783
+ Principal Reduction$210$2,517
+ First-Year Appreciation$875$10,494
= Gross Equity Income$1,483$17,795
Financial Indicators
Capitalization Rate6.8%
Cash on Cash Return9%
Total Return on Investment34%
Real Estate Appreciation Rate6%
Vacancy Rate8%
Management Fee8%
Occupied 3BR/2BA home is centrally located in the off Vaughn road. Fabulous home with lots of space. Great yard with beautiful private patio & arbor. This is an assignment contract. Tenant to renew lease in June.
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